We design and develop innovative solutions that bring brands of its recipients through activities at points of sale, shares and other cross platform interaction strategies, bringing together the necessary for the establishment of commercial, institutional and affective ties ingredients. In combination, optionally with brand activation strategies, we manage the entire process of brand communication to the addressees in various contexts (launch, re-launch and ongoing management of specific actions) and appropriate to diverse audiences, as well as the goals proposed

The corporate communication involves various assets and strategic programs that are designed to add value to the institution or to capitalize on it. Crisis communication, development of communication materials and strategies of relationship with specific recipients are some of the aspects developed by us in this area.

The point of sale promotion is increasingly a challenge for advertisers, by the particular circumstances of the current market. Creativity and assertiveness are watchwords for the performance of WildCreations this area. In the context of marketing and communication, provide consulting services in specific situations or in a perspective of continuity and pursuing objectives in the medium and long term.

Marketing & Advertising Services

  • Marketing Studies
  • Communication Plans
  • Branding / Rebranding
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Press Office
  • Management Campaigns