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arteCasaDecor iconDecorative vinyl sticker for indoor and outdoor, Murals and Wallpaper, Posters, Canvas, Paintings, Coatings, Displays, Vinyl Cut among many other products. The house and the family was not forgotten, so we have a wide and diversified range of products, covering over 95% of demand in any conventional home, with payment by ATM, NetBanking and PayPal solutions with delivery times between 1 and 5 working days, depending on the article.

ArteCasaDecor - brand created thinking of the average user, that needs for your business advertising products and decor. Prepared for reach large masses, is equipped with the latest printing technology for small, medium and large format, obtaining photographic printing large format due to its equipment have printability SHQ - 1440dpi.

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arteKidsDecor iconKids and Juvenile deserves a very special attention in that sense, we have created a special section with unique designs developed for this purpose by our Designer Children and Juvenile, which covers 100% of demand in any conventional home. Knowing that today, the buying power is ever smaller, and that the purchase of rooms or halls for children is based in solutions of the cheapest, all our lines were created for IKEA solutions, however, can adapt any other brand.

From the simple crib to the more complex wardrobes, you will surely find a solution that suits your taste in the various materials; Vinyl decorative wall sticker, Wall Murals and Wallpaper, Posters, Canvas, Paintings, Coatings, Vinyl Cut in a world of your choice.

Payment solutions ATM, NetBanking and PayPal, with delivery times of 1-5 business days, depending on the article.

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arteWebDecor iconProvides professional solutions for communication and electronic commerce, whatever your online business from micro, small, medium or large companies. Our status assures you access to leading eCommerce platform on the market and consulting services that support your team in implementing solutions for e-commerce standard or customized in the usability and integration with other systems or integration of process and rules business are key requirements.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the area of online communication, usability, graphic design and application development and information systems. Since 2000 on the market but in particular since 2009, our team has provided consulting, web design and development services as the area of ​​electronic commerce.

The Internet has profoundly changed our society and culture, allowing communication and teleworking unprecedented. But high customer satisfaction confirms that proximity, whenever possible, is the best option to treat in a short time complex issues. Accept our invitation to implement a prototype of an online store with us, and contact us to schedule a work session without commitment.

All our servers have constant monitoring and pro-active and in case of failure of our services are quickly alerted and immediately proceeds to the resolution of the problem.

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officeDynamic iconWith a strong technical background in solutions based on new technologies, adding his technical expertise to the consultancy. Focusing on development and use of Web technologies based on the latest innovations, their area of work focuses primarily on providing solutions with high added value for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Our day-to-day is to find and create products that somehow enable a dynamic management, simple and high performance. Our services start by simple creation of a website, content management solutions and electronic commerce (E-Commerce), through the creation of corporate environments, among other campaigns.

We are always prepared to advise you in choosing the Solution, Development, Implementation and Management, which best fits your company.

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